Back to life..

Ah, summer. All life thrives. Military service is over, economy sucks, but all the time is mine to handle as i wish. So, back to my astronomy activities 😀


3 thoughts on “Back to life..

    • Hey mate!
      I joined from time to time but i was unable to reach, you or Sean(aerosuidae).
      Military service was tough but a resourceful experience whatsoever. 🙂

      Yeah i still use musca when lisp is not around. In my main system i have musca and stumpwm in a loop.

  1. Yeah, theres been no sign of Sean in many months 😥 Also, the website seems to be down (but on he wrote “brb, replacing wiki”, so with a bit of luck, he’ll be back some day?) I still use it. Its a nice WM.

    Did you learn much new stuff? I always thought it would be an interesting experience (but am glad I don’t have to do any here).

    For some reason I have connection problems with IRC since I moved house 😦 so I haven’t really been on #musca much. I’m there at the moment though, in case you’re free to drop in.

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