Stumpwm – mania

After some years with fluxbox (with tons of eye candy) and the last 2 years using a combo of ratpoison and dwm, I finally ended up with stumpwm. Stumpwm is the Lisp(y) brother of ratpoison and its actively maintained by Shawn Betts. Ratpoison still kicks buttocks but stumpwm has more features and since its based on lisp, is more configurable[and since im learning lisp it’s good exercise!!]. Most ppl use laptops in observations and i think its a good idea to use a tiling window manager like ratpoison or stumpwm. All my astronomy programs run smoothly and in fullscreen (which is very good for my eyes), plus i have keybinds for calculations that show results in the stumpwm engine.. which is very practical. Of course any kind of coding becomes better and the reason is the absence of obstructive applets, eye-candy panels and such. You have the space to focus on your work which might be a maximized window or a custom layout that suits your need.

In its default state is very spartan and it might require a day or two to fully bringย  it to your liking. Also according to this post there’s floating support added in the git version. It works pretty well with no resizing yet, but that’s not a problem.. You can check my .stumpwmrc in the ‘Downloads’ page and a screencast which shows a portion of stumpwm’s features, made by male in here. Below, a screenshot with stumpwm running on slack 12.2

UPDATE: Just changed modeline readbility.. seems sexier now..



2 thoughts on “Stumpwm – mania

  1. hmm , you use Musca or Stumpwm ? ๐Ÿ˜›

    i did try dwm , it pretty good except its so small not in size but in ability to customize , still good , tried awesome but configs suck , xmonad as you mentioned , 50 mb is alot for a tiling wm , so i will try musca now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Stump is in all my main machines and when i go for sth very minimal i use ratpoison or musca. Whatever my mood ๐Ÿ˜‰

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