Minimalistic Set of Eyepieces

I spent some time the past days searching for a minimalistic eyepiece set, in order to minimize the weight added in my observation sessions with my 10″ f/5 travel dob. After all christmas is near and i want gifts!! I wanted to gather up three or four pieces including a barlow to be able to achieve as many as possible and variable magnifications as possible. After doing some research using different calculations for a set of different telescope magnifications i ve reached the following result..

– 32mm Televue Plossl (or maybe a GSO but anything in that length..) as a finder, starhopper, DSO allarounder… If you got the buck hit a 27mm Panoptic…its great.. This eyepiece will be replaced by a 2″ derivative.. It gives me 39.7x, 79.4x Barlowed (but i dont need that) and a wooping 1.25ยบ true field of view.

– 13mm Televue Nagler T6 (everything in that length with a bit of wide field). This one is ideal for bright objects, movement observing, comet hunting and others. One of the grooviest eyepieces ๐Ÿ˜€ It gives me 98x, 196x barlowed and 0.83ยบ true field of view.. not bad.. So with one eyepiece i have almost 100x and 200x..

– 9mm Televue Nagler T6 (same as above). With this i can take a close look in almost anything.. from moon to nebulae and galaxies. It provides me 141.1x, 282.2x and 0.56ยบ true field of view.

– 9mm Baader/UO orthoscopic (_optional_… i would take that with me only to study the moon or close planets..). This is ideal for planetary and moon work.. I can achieve very good magnifications but i have to move the secondary cage to stay in track of orbit. Very small field of view but great views and colors…

– Barlow 2x. Provides more magnification and a bit of FOV. Its a necessity in a small all arounder set. My opinion goes to Televue Barlow 2x or if you want a shorty i would go for Celestron Ultima 2x.

Im not a televue junkie… My favorite views were from Clave eyepieces but i have not been able to aquire one.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The ideal and most cost efficient for me is to replace the above naglers with plossls but nothing beats the great TFOV. The great thing about this small set is that it can fit in small bum bag so no need for uber ultra extra resistant 100$ eyepiece case ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaaahhh.. imagine yourself with a small dob, 3-4 eyepieces, in a lonely coast of a Greek island …