Be right back!

Been away away for a while but im working on some new astronomy and linux tweaks and completing the travel dob guide.  Im considering adding a new subject category about running with tips and tricks for powering up(ie breathing). As always comments always help adding correct and objective info. Also i ll change the layout and might add some features for easy calculations.

Imagine running 5k uphill with a camelback including pocket binoculars and a star chart. Groovy huh?! 😉


2 thoughts on “Be right back!

  1. Oh it the first time I visit your blog. It seems very interesting to me although I have so far paid minimal attention to linux or astronomy but it is never too late to start.
    What about the space photographs taken by professional astronomers using professional telescopes and posted on the Internet? How much do you use them? Is amateur astronomy just observation or is it also interpretation?

  2. Hey Mastor! 😀 Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Indeed its never too late to start with linux or astronomy. Especially amateur astronomy is considered to be the main hobby of people that get their pension (50+ yrs old) which of course is a myth. As for linux/unix its very flexible and you can do whatever you imagine(in computer terms ok? 😉 ) Space photographs are taken by both amateur and professional astronomers.. For example in Nasa’s picture of the day ( ) most pics are by amateur photographers/astronomers. In case you might have seen great photos with many colors and such, be sure that pretty expensive equipment has been used or the photographer had lots of patience with minimal equipment. Pictures like these can be easily done with a cheap camera and a tripod. Check this link for some info

    So my opinion in if amateur astronomy is just observation or is it also interpretation is that its both. Interpretation of course is crucial but observation is critical too. Galileo and Newton had the urge to *see* what they tried to explain with their laws and theories. Its like yin yang. One completes the other.

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